April 12, 2024

After greatly impressing on his debut single, released last year, rising Afropop star, Laey is back with an impressive stash of two new singles—Ballerina Lover and Echoes of Love. While 2023’s Love Criminal showcased Laey as a bleeding-heart lover boy with his buttery vocals and romantic storytelling, his new release reveals who has matured into his confidence.

Laey is the epitome of a modern artist – a talented, multi-dimensional, and versatile singer, songwriter and producer. Laey captures your attention from the start. With his soft, pulpy voice, Laey’s soundscape is a sweet-sounding world, filled with his tender flows, silky croons and alluring melodies.

Ballerina Lover – is a colourful and sensational dive into the world of dance, melodies and love, and an expression of gratitude towards the many beautiful women across the globe.

Echoes of love – lost in the world of dreams and wonderful and yet delicate imagination, a lover boy sends a far cry of love from a great distance hoping that the echoes of his love reach his one true love someday.

Born and raised in Lagos, the hotspot of the Nigerian music scene, music has always been the most stable force in Laey’s life. The soft-spoken singer grew up harnessing his earworm voice as part of the choir in his church and also grew up immersing in the music of Westlife, Backstreet Boys and Psquare. These influences are heard in his sensual and rhythmically diverse sound.

These two new singles reveal an artist who’s matured into his confidence, understood the desires of his audience and has figured out his sound formula—a signal of progress