Press Release: Kemuel’s New EP “CLOUDS”

April 12, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated return of Kemuel with his sophomore EP, “CLOUDS.” After two years since his debut single, “Champagne Girl,” and the success of his first EP, “Escape,” Kemuel is back in the spotlight.

About “CLOUDS”: Kemuel’s latest project takes listeners on a captivating journey. Each track carries a unique emotion, reminiscent of childhood memories and the ever-changing skies. The EP captures the essence of late-night drives, yearning for meaningful connections beyond fleeting moments. Whether you’re experiencing heartbreak or the bittersweet sting of love, “CLOUDS” offers solace and companionship.

Kemuel’s Inspiration: The EP’s title, “Clouds,” draws from Kemuel’s childhood fascination with animated characters. Just like clouds hovering above a gloomy character’s head, the songs evoke a range of emotions. Additionally, the psychedelic soundscapes add depth and intrigue to the project.

Listener Experience: Kemuel’s labour of love took a year and a half to create, reflecting not only his journey but also the shared experiences of his listeners. He encourages everyone to find solace in “CLOUDS”—a haven for moments of happiness, motivation, and introspection.