EST 2023

Soundwave is a DJ focused event which holds monthly in Abuja.This event is co produced by The Moh & Mo Company in partnership with Paragon Events

EST 2016


BMF is an annual event that brings together the worlds of music, fashion, and sports. At this dynamic gathering, basketball stars take the stage to present the latest trends in fashion. The event is set against a vibrant, music-themed backdrop, creating an electrifying atmosphere that celebrates the intersection of these three influential industries.

EST 2017

A battle rap contest to showcase rising talents in Abuja's hip hop scene.

EST 2024


An engaging and immersive musical journey that delves deeply into the energetic realms of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), the rhythmic beats of Afro House, and the intense, dynamic sounds of Afro Rage. This experience is designed to captivate listeners and transport them into a vibrant, pulsating world of diverse and electrifying music genres.