“Typewriter Vol.1”: Brum3h’s Musical Chronicle of Love and Evolution

September 7, 2023

Listen to “Typewriter Vol.1”

Nigerian rising artist Brum3h has returned with his eagerly awaited second EP, “Typewriter Vol.1,” a poignant collection that serves as a memoir of his personal experiences, emotions, and introspective moments. Comprising six tracks, this body of work offers a compelling expedition into Brum3h’s life, laying bare his innermost thoughts, self-examination, and innovative interpretations of RnB and Afrofusion music genres.

“Typewriter Vol.1” goes beyond being just an EP; it serves as a vivid musical diary, inviting listeners to accompany Brum3h on an intimate voyage through the chapters of his life. Each track unveils his deepest reflections, thoughts, and a unique fusion of RnB and Afrofusion styles that defy convention.

The EP commences with the melodious “Nights Like This,” where Brum3h’s falsetto vocals poignantly convey the regrets of love. In “theysaid,” he adeptly delves into themes of self-sabotage and complex relationships, collaborating with rapper Array. “Settle Down” addresses doubts within relationships over a compelling RnB/Trap beat. “For Long” explores emotional unavailability in a piano-driven ballad featuring rapper Begho. The EP concludes with “Come outside,” a track that delves into self-reflection and heartfelt communication.

Brum3h’s musical journey is a testament to his growth as an artist. Unlike many musicians who dream of performing on grand stages from a young age, his journey began in the children’s choir of his church. Here, he found solace in expressing his feelings through writing rather than verbally. Over the years, he honed his craft and embraced the power of music as a medium to convey his innermost thoughts.

“Typewriter Vol.1” represents the pinnacle of Brum3h’s artistry, inviting you to explore the beautiful melody of love, life’s highs and lows, and the discovery of what stirs your heart with affection.

For those interested, you can listen to the EP by following the provided link. To stay updated, you can connect with Brum3h on Instagram and Twitter.

Listen to “Typewriter Vol.1”