“Project Atmos” by Benie Macaulay: Love Presented in High-Definition Audio

September 7, 2023

Listen to “Project Atmos”

Benie Macaulay, a highly skilled music producer, as well as an expert in Stereo and Dolby Atmos Mixing and Mastering Engineering, has unveiled his latest creation titled “Project Atmos.” This EP consists of five tracks and takes the audience on a captivating journey exploring the various facets of love, all expertly mixed and mastered in Dolby Atmos, providing a truly immersive listening experience.

“Project Atmos” is not solely about romantic love; it serves as a tribute to love in all its forms, encompassing anything that holds a special place in one’s heart. Each track has been meticulously crafted to establish an intimate and emotional connection with the listeners, guiding them on a mental and emotional odyssey that goes beyond the typical musical encounter.

The EP’s lead single, “Kanayo,” draws inspiration from the Nollywood actor of the same name and adds a unique twist by incorporating recent social media humor about sacrifices. Beyond its cultural references, “Kanayo” stands as a remarkable standalone creation, with the artist’s vocal delivery conveying a profound message of love that deeply resonates with those who hear it.

What truly distinguishes “Project Atmos” is the incorporation of Dolby Atmos technology, which delivers an unmatched auditory experience. Listeners are transported into a realm of flawless sound quality, where every note, lyric, and emotion is elevated to perfection.

For those interested, you can listen to the EP by following the provided link. Benie Macaulay, with a track record dating back to 2012, is recognized as a trailblazer in the music industry, particularly for his mastery of Dolby Atmos engineering. He operates from his cutting-edge Dolby studio, “THE ATMOS ROOM,” situated in Lagos, Nigeria.

For more updates, you can connect with Benie Macaulay on Instagram and Twitter.

Listen to “Project Atmos”