Edo’s Hip-Hop Renaissance: Harry Carter and B-Side Artists Unleash “Ovbere”

September 6, 2023

Listen to “Ovbere”

Emerging Hip-Hop artist Harry Carter, in a collaborative effort with fellow B-Side (Benin) musicians Favi, Reezybag, and Zayy The Dino, is poised to make a significant impact on the Nigerian Hip-Hop scene with their highly-anticipated track, “Ovbere,” set to release on September 6, 2023. This song draws its name from Edo, the language of the ancient Benin Kingdom in Nigeria, and translates to “He’s back again,” a term used to describe a troublemaker – a fitting title for a track that promises to leave a lasting impression.

“Ovbere” goes beyond being just a song; it represents a movement, a celebration of artistic talent, and the joy of collaboration. Each artist, with their distinctive style and lyrical finesse, takes the audience on a captivating journey through rhythmic verses and catchy melodies. Edo, undoubtedly, boasts a rich pool of talent, with notable figures like Rema, Sarz, Ozedicus, and Shallipopi. The entertainment scene in Benin has evolved significantly from its pioneers like Victor Uwaifo, Majek Fashek, Osayomore Joseph, and others. Emerging talents like Harry Carter effortlessly blend their skills and heritage to create anthems that capture the essence of culture, the streets, and Hip-Hop, all while promoting unity and showcasing their prowess as wordsmiths.

Listen to “Ovbere”

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