July 15, 2023


Zilla Oaks, also known as Rodnee Ugochukwu Okafor, is a musician renowned for his enthralling energy, adaptability, and capacity to engage people through his songs. Zilla Oaks is causing a stir in the music business with her distinctive fusion of memorable hooks, mellow sounds, and thought-provoking lyrics. His most recent song, “Zpack,” which features “Fresh Like Z” and “Bank Alert,” demonstrates his talent and foretells great things to come.

The rap sensation from Abuja was overjoyed to announce that his most recent album would be released on July 14th, 2023. Two brand-new, outstanding tracks, “Fresh Like Z” and “Bank Alert,” provide a singular musical experience, showcasing Zilla’s range and talent once more.

A lively, upbeat, and catchy summertime song, “Fresh Like Z,” is sure to get listeners moving. With its catchy tune and melodious beats, this charming track perfectly captures the spirit of a carefree mood. “Fresh Like Z” has already garnered a resoundingly positive response and is creating waves across social media platforms, blogs, and societies, reflecting Zilla Oaks’ ability to enthrall audiences with his energy and charisma.

On the other hand, “Bank Alert” transports listeners on a moving trip where Zilla Oaks connects with his roots by expressing his desire for less stress and greater financial riches. Zilla’s range is on full display in this mellow, melodious piece as he transitions to his native Igbo for the chorus with ease and sincerity. The smooth rhymes and reflective vibes of “Bank Alert” struck a chord with listeners and further cemented Zilla Oaks’ creativity in their minds.

Beyond all expectations, “Bank Alert” and “Fresh Like Z” were huge hits on their first day of availability. Z has pledged to continue creating music that captures the spirit of these two songs in light of the amazing reception to his two most recent singles. He promises his audience, though, that he will stick to the fundamentals of rap music, winning over both ardent and recent admirers.

The Young East Lord, as he is more well known, also wants to express his gratitude to the amazing people who contributed to the “Zpack” initiative. Jiggy Stop Playing @jiggystopplaying was in charge of the sound design and engineering for “Fresh Like Z,” whereas Moral Allen @moralallendb was in charge of the A&R for “Bank Alert.” “Bank Alert,” which was also produced by the gifted Genuis Beatz, was mixed and mastered by Ayüü Safi @Ayuu_safi and Skid Adams @_skidadams. Distribution of “Zpack” is handled by MW Audio @myxkey_, a division of Tree Mansion LLC, the business owned by Zilla Oaks and his brother.

To stay up to speed on his most recent releases and upcoming projects, Zilla Oaks urges fans and music lovers to stream his music and follow him on all major music platforms. You may follow him on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites at @zilla_oaks and show your support for the initiative by using the hashtags #zpack💤📦 #freshlikeZ🧼💤  #bankalert🏦🚨 


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