With his most recent single, “Ego Oyibo,” a poignant voyage into the depths of traditional love, R&B music legend Chike has once again captured listeners’ attention. Chike’s talent for painting vivid hues on the canvas of emotions is on full display in this moving song, which makes an indelible impression on his admirers.

“Ego Oyibo,” which translates to “Foreign Currency,” showcases Chike’s commitment to traditional courtship. Chike captures the essence of everlasting love in a modern musical manner with his velvety vocals and emotional notes as he relates a touching tale of meeting and proposing to his sweetheart.

“Égo Oyibo” is Chike’s eagerly anticipated first official release of 2023. It follows the visually stunning “On the Moon” and the exciting collaboration with Oxlade on “Spell.” Chike skillfully fuses Igbo, English, and Pidgin languages, creating a unique mix that adds depth and authenticity to the story, aided by his go-to producer, DeeYasso.

In “Ego Oyibo,” Chike takes the audience on a journey where he meets the parents of his girlfriend, pays her bride price, and imagines a life of devotion and love. The song acts as a potent reminder that love is an enduring tie that spans time and cultural barriers, rather than just a transient emotion.

Chike’s R&B artistry has received international praise, and listeners all over the world have taken to his songs. He has earned a reputation as a master of the soundtrack to our love lives because of his ability to capture the various stages of love, from the sensitive beginnings of a budding romance to the flaming passion that ignites our souls.


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