Elmina Unveils Captivating Afro Fusion Single, “I Still Want You”

July 14, 2023


(Lagos, Nigeria) – With the release of her newest single, “I Still Want You,” Nigerian musician Elmina once again demonstrates her extraordinary talent and creative range. Elmina, who is well-known for her Afro-infused R&B sounds, never ceases to push boundaries and enthrall listeners with her singular musical taste.

“I Still Want You” explores the complex feelings and inner thoughts that people who are in toxic relationships go through. The song examines the puzzling dynamics in which one individual retains a great deal of influence despite causing harm. Elmina expertly combines parts of Afro-Reggae to fascinate listeners while conveying the idea that we frequently opt to endure trials with familiar people rather than embrace the uncertainty of new connections.

Elmina conveys a sensitive message that strikes a chord with listeners all across the world with her seductive vocals and compelling lyrics. Elmina’s artistry is demonstrated in “I Still Want You”‘s mesmerizing soundscape, which further establishes her status as a rising star in the music business.

Currently, “I Still Want You” is accessible on all significant streaming services. Listen to Elmina’s most recent single to experience the fascinating fusion of Afro-fusion and R&B and learn why she keeps leaving an imprint on the music industry.


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