June 28, 2023

Listen to Why Me

In the moving song “Why Me,” which appears as the third track on his critically praised 2022 album, TESLIM (The Energy Still Lives In Me), renowned Nigerian hip-hop musician Vector reveals a profound layer of his musical ability. This reflective piece explores the raw realities of enduring unjustified attacks and remaining true to oneself in a critical society.

The song “Why Me” demonstrates Vector’s talent for telling frank and authentic stories that make it easy for listeners to relate on a deep level. The artist bravely confronts the difficulties of being criticised for nothing more than being oneself, illuminating the paradoxical nature of such comments. Vector’s poetic prowess takes centre stage in a world that frequently favours conformity over authenticity, exposing the faulty thinking of his critics.

Vector firmly warns anyone who tries to undermine him with his distinct rap style and thought-provoking lyrics, emphasising his indisputable presence and unstoppable nature. He declares in a stirring lyric, “Haven’t they told you this world is mine for the taking? Haven’t they told you the bread is mine for the baking?” serving as evidence of his resiliency and unyielding resolve.

The theme of “Why Me” transcends individual situations and becomes something that everyone can relate to. Listeners might find comfort in their own struggles against society’s pressures and unfair judgement thanks to Vector’s narrative talent. The artist creates a shared space with his audience by revealing his vulnerabilities, which promotes empathy and understanding.

The 2022 publication of Vector’s fourth studio album, TESLIM, marks a significant turning point in his long career. The CD, appropriately titled “The Energy Still Lives In Me,” demonstrates Vector’s unwavering passion for his work and his ongoing development as a musician.

Listen to Why Me

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