June 22, 2023

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[Aba, Abia State] The multi-hyphenate artist Ukairo, renowned for his audio-visual storytelling in poetry, video, and photography, is excited to announce the arrival of his brand-new EP, “TRTD.” TRTD is the story of Ukairo’s journey through some of his worst moments. “The words that came out of what was a deeply troubling time within me while I was in the US… the melodies that soothed me… That’s what you hear in TRTD. It’s all there.” The EP, which he refers to as “a collection of psalms,” is a project that includes songs from the year following his college graduation, just over three years ago, when the pandemic was at its worst.

Ukairo was forced to slow down for the first time since arriving in the US to study cinema. This uncomfortable requirement led to multiple realizations for Ukairo, some of which are still coming to him now. TRTD was born out of a mix of post-graduation limbo, heartbreak, and trauma from his time in the US, entwined with what he later learned to be anxiety. “I remember sitting quietly here and there—because there was a lot of time to do that—and words and harmonies would come out of nowhere. Somehow, I would just know they were for me. They were my medicine.” Ukairo is successful in providing an experience that plays out like the soundtrack to a movie thanks to the ambient noises and textures that weave the spoken phrases and solemn vocalizations in TRTD. He tells his audience, “You might wanna sit down for this one.” TRTD, which stands for “The Road to Damascus,” refers to the biblical account of Paul’s conversion. He felt it was appropriate given how much his experience had changed him, just as Paul had.

As a proponent of taking things slowly, Ukairo gave each song the time it needed to develop into what it meant to him now. “echo//loco”, the album’s lead single, has already been released, and Ukairo is eager for fans to interact with the other songs that make up TRTD’s world.

LISTEN/STREAM ‘The Road To Damascus (TRTD)

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