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BoyBreed, a well-known Nigerian duo, has joined with Mamba Sounds to release a captivating new single titled “ENTA.” This intriguing release combines Afropop and R&B components, resulting in a relaxing and sincere tune that examines the power of love.

The theme of the song revolves around a story of unbreakable love, as it convincingly tells the story of a protagonist who discovers their missing piece in a love interest. The track’s beautiful blend of Afropop and R&B provides a refreshing experience that not only engages but also allows the listener to resonate with its deep feelings.

BoyBreed and Mamba Sounds have created a song that simply expresses the spirit of love and dedication with their distinct musical approaches. The seductive vocals of BoyBreed and Mamba Sounds, together with the enticing melodies, create an irresistible synergy that draws listeners in from the first note.

“ENTA” is a testament to BoyBreed and Mamba Sounds’ unrelenting dedication to their craft as they continue to push the boundaries of current African music. The partnership demonstrates their extraordinary ability to create music that not only connects with audiences but also leaves an indelible impression. “ENTA” is destined to become an anthem for those seeking consolation in the power of love, thanks to its relaxing atmosphere and profound lyrics.

Listen to Enta

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