The amazing multi-genre Artist, Songwriter, and Producer Tylerriddim has just released his first single of the year, “Sunny Side.”

This engaging song offers a novel viewpoint on relationships while serving as a passionate affirmation of dedication and love for his significant other.

In order to ease his love interest’s grief from previous relationships, Tylerriddim promises a new, more fulfilling encounter. Tylerriddim extends an invitation to the “Sunny Side” and promises to keep her safe from any further sadness.

Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Tylerriddim is the stage name of Taiwo Tyler Oladimeji. His cultural background, upbringing, and personal experiences all have a big impact on his musical taste and style.

Tylerriddim is motivated by a desire to delve into uncharted sonic realms and share his most profound ideas and insights about the universe. When asked about his motivation to pursue music, Tylerriddim shares, “The reason I make music is to escape poverty. However, it is one of my easiest modes of expression. Through the beats and lyrics, I’m able to express my deepest thoughts and offer commentary on the world as I feel and see it.”


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