In the area of modern Afrobeat music, Uloko is on the rise and is expected to make a significant impact on the international music scene. His music captures the enthusiasm and vigor of young people all around the world who are embracing their cultural heritage while pushing the limits of creativity and invention. It is a reflection of the spirit of his generation.

The eagerly awaited “Nsogbu” serves as Uloko’s first release as a freshly signed performer to the prestigious Apex Village collective. This upbeat song perfectly captures the spirit of taking on life’s obstacles head-on and refusing to let them dominate one’s fate. Uloko himself claims that “the song is about rising above your problems and becoming the best version of yourself.”

Uloko has found a place in a group that supports innovation, creativity, and the celebration of African history as a recently signed artist to Apex Village. Uloko is prepared to leave a lasting impression on the music scene with their help, enthralling listeners with his distinctive fusion of tradition and modern flair.


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