OAG redefines the landscape of female HipHop with Bold New Single “MUMMY YO” set for release 23/05

May 24, 2024

Nigerian-born, Toronto-based rapper OAG, known for her audacious lyrics and unapologetic demeanor, is carving out her own path in the music industry with her upcoming single “MUMMY YO.”

“MUMMY YO” comes after the success of her previously released single “+234 BADDIE”  which made waves across the internet, The rising star garnered attention and accolades from industry heavyweights, receiving cosigns from renowned artists like Olaoluslawn, Aliyah’s Interlude, grammy-nominated rapper WALE,  grammy-nominated producer Wondagurl, etc. MUMMY YO” displays OAG’s signature style and unwavering confidence as she fearlessly asserts herself as a force to be reckoned with. The track exudes a cocky swagger and irresistible charisma as OAG unabashedly positions herself as a boss lady, captivating listeners with her bold attitude and magnetic presence.

OAG is not only pushing boundaries but also challenging norms, daring to be unapologetically herself in a world that often demands conformity. Her fearless approach to music and life is sure to inspire a new generation of artists and fans alike as she continues to solidify her status as one of the most promising talents in the industry.


Mummy Yo

Mummy Yo

Mummy Yo

Mummy Yo

Come fuck w mummy yo

Your nigga never get some dough

Im tryna holla though 

you want in we can hit the Lo

Bby girl pressure Yeah i feel it

When she hit the floor

Your nigga tripping

G is green

So i gotta go

You so fine girl ( baddie)

I need your number put in my phone (put it)

We can fine dine

I got some tickets we can head to rome

Tell him backdown that Nigga ugly and he fucking broke ( what)

Im quick to act out just say the word i pull up with my bro  (on gang)

Im always active

Check the stats

Nigga im talking facts (what)

Straight from naija to the 6

Im trynna get this some cash

She asking do u fuck w weed

I got like a 100 grams

Im never ducking to no beef

But I rather have some lamb


Nigga you can’t fuck w us

Nigga why u acting sus

I aint Fucking w no bum

I like that Gurl she got some buns

Im a bad bitch i got them wondering

How you got some balls

Im a real nigga i walk in head up straight like im the boss

These bittches love me

Your nigga love me

He trynna circle back byee it’s giving dummy