M1lez encapsulates both the thrilling and ominous facets of a toxic relationship in his latest track, ‘Deny.’

December 6, 2023

M1lez aka Limina baby is the image of hope, sheer determination and tenacity of purpose. He rose from the ashes of disappointment to becoming the youngest music sensation in the entertainment industry. His debut single ‘life of the party’ was widely accepted and he came back with a 360 degrees upgrade titled ‘deny’. ‘Deny’ is a song that captures the exciting and dark sides of a toxic relationship. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics display his evolution and ability to turn thoughts, ideas and experiences into hits.

about the ARTIST

M1lez’s journey began with covers, bedroom concerts, and small crowd performances. He discovered that his sound was unlike others. It didn’t take long for him to build his craft and spread it. He believes that music is more powerful than we think. To him, music represents freedom, expression and creativity.  He’s never been the type to follow the crowd, instead he prefers being the odd one out. This inspired his rogue tag. From his lifestyle to his music, the difference is visible. The unconscious concept of creating something new has always been his strength.

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, M1lez is a musical prodigy set to infuse a new and unique experience that fill listeners with a rollercoaster of emotions. At age 8, his captivating voice and dexterity with musical instruments were both mesmerizing. Even from a young age, he knew how music can influence thoughts, moods and the world at large. He won eight college scholarships from the United States at age 16 but could not take advantage of the opportunities because fate had something bigger for him. At age 17 and fresh in college he launched his music career with his hit single life of the party and was widely accepted. He is set to create a new era for afrobeat with his sound where barriers are no more.