The latest single from R&B sensation Brum3h, who is based in Abuja, is “For Long” ft. Begho, a nice and delicate ballad that highlights his exquisitely soulful delivery.

A piano-heavy R&B song called “For Long” warns potential lovers of Brum3h’s lack of emotional availability. With lyrics such as “I’ll be gone by the daytime” being sung over a soothing background and trap-soul-style rhythms. He includes Abuja rapper Begho, whose guest verse fits this heartfelt ballad.

Brum3h, who is well-known for his evocative and passionate music, expertly distills his deepest emotions in “For Long.”

The song deftly expresses a great depth of feeling that resonates with listeners on a personal level. Brum3h displays his extraordinary skill for producing soul-stirring music by drawing inspiration from his personal experiences.

The partnership with Begho gives “For Long” more complexity and artistry. Their complementary skills work together to enhance the song’s emotional impact. Begho’s distinct flow blends seamlessly with Brum3h’s approach to create a very alluring musical collaboration.


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