Efya, a Ghanaian music superstar, has been making waves for over a decade, noted for her deep and powerful vocals, as well as her distinct sound. She’s back after a three-year break with a new, energetic hit called “Super Super,” produced by M.O.G. Beatz, that is sure to please fans old and new.


Efya stated that “Super Super” marks the start of a new period in her music career, and that she has a lot of inspiring songs on the way. The song is an Afro-pop song with addictive rhythms and pleasant lyrics that encourage listeners to feel good about themselves and their lives. “Super Super” is a danceable, uplifting tune that uplifts the soul and gets you through the day.

“Super Super” is only a taste of what the multifaceted singer/songwriter has in store for listeners. Efya has announced that her next music will address themes of growth, pain, strength, obstacles, and love, and will involve collaborations with established and emerging artists from around the world.

Efya intends to go on tour to promote her new work, and she is also looking forward to new musical experiences across Africa and beyond in order to broaden her artistic horizons. Her upcoming album and EP promise to be game changers and are eagerly anticipated by fans of her distinct musical style.


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