May 12, 2023

(Nairobi, Kenya) – Maandy, a gifted performer, singer, rapper, and songwriter, has just dropped her long-awaited debut EP, “Flavour.” Maandy’s wide breadth of diversity, including quick-fire trap and hip-hop grit and buoyant dancehall sounds, is showcased on the 11-track project.


Maandy is a young artist from Nairobi who is starting to gain attention in the music industry. Her debut EP’s publication marks a turning point in her career by establishing her as a household name. The album displays her unwavering style and unwavering love of music and is appropriate for any mood.

The album “Flavour” is a collection of 11 songs that highlight Maandy’s musical prowess and aptitude. The EP breaks the mold of what a debut EP should sound like with its captivating sounds and rhythms that highlight Maandy’s vocal range.

The budding musician claims that “Flavour” is the musical expression of her life’s experiences and the various emotions that have accompanied it. The album is jam-packed with songs that share a narrative and inspire and motivate listeners.

The EP is an immersive musical journey that will hook listeners from the first song to the very last outro. The EP offers listeners a wide variety of musical genres, each of which is distinctive in some way and keeps them clamoring for more.

For those searching for a new sound to keep their playlists up to date, “Flavour” is a treat. On the main music streaming services, the 11 songs that make up this EP can be downloaded and streamed.


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