December 20, 2022

With his new EP, ‘Love and Everything In Between’

Elozonam showcases his growth as an artist and his ability to blend different genres to create a unique and dynamic sound as he introduces you to his debut EP. ‘Love And Everything In Between’.

The EP features collaborations with talented artists such as LSMK, Ditweni, Evelle, and Abby Oyebad, and is expertly mixed and mastered by TY Mix and Johnny Drille.

The EP’s themes of love and heartbreak are explored through the lens of the Nigerian experience, adding depth and cultural relevance to the music.

The EP’s lead track “Shook” featuring LSMK and Evelle even has a fun visual to accompany it. Overall, Love and Everything In Between is a must-listen for fans of afrobeat and R&B and anyone looking for an upbeat and danceable listening experience.

Elozonam started his musical journey when he was a teenager, his music has evolved through the times of the Neptunes and timberland all the way down to the era of afrobeat taking along with him worthy notes from each era.