January 13, 2023

Espacio Dios, the acclaimed singer, and producer, has released his new single, “Collapse All Rules,” on all major streaming platforms. The single is a holistic submission to the significant other and was inspired by the beautiful ideas in life that came to Espacio Dios in a moment where he felt he could submit to the process and be vulnerable. He embraced the outcome, whether good or bad, as liberating moments where he was living in the now, the moment.

The making of the song began in the studio where Espacio Dios started with the beat first. He was trying to grasp what he wanted the song to be about so he just freestyled. He played around a lot and was happy with the result. That’s when he solidified the verses, and the song came together.

This powerful and emotive track explores the theme of letting go of our moral compass in the pursuit of a new and exciting relationship. Collapse All Rules captures the rush of infatuation and the all-consuming energy of falling for someone new. Featuring Espacio Dios’s signature sound and thought-provoking lyrics, Collapse All Rules is sure to be a hit with fans of alternative music.

Espacio Dios fans can look forward to more singles ahead of his upcoming album release later in the year, following the release of “Pelo” featuring Maglera Doe Boy.