Digital Marketing
Let's help you get your music in front of the right audience by helping you plan and execute your releases
Our in-house photographers are one of the best in the space with regard to creativity and quality editing.
Equipment Lease
We offer our community members the opportunity to lease high-quality and retro equipment for their projects.
Creative & Art Direction
Get to work with some of the best creative minds in the industry for your projects.
Graphics Design & Branding
Our professionals can handle project artwork designs, logo designs, and flyers for music artists and brands.
Audio Production
Get quality music production and sound design through our fully equipped studios and engineers.
Web 3 Services
Are you still struggling with navigating the Web 3 Space? Our experts and advisors can guide you all the way from idea to launch.
Space Rental
Available spaces for lease at our creative hub for solo working, events, and office space. More details coming soon.
2D / 3D Animation
We provide high-quality 2D/3D assets for animation projects and digital marketing.
Video Production
Collaborate with our in-house professionals to handle your video shoots with quality equipment.
Merch Production
We source, design, manufacture and print quality merchandise (T-Shirt, Jumpers, Hoodies) through our privately owned garment factory.
Web Development
Get affordable web design and development services to improve your online presence.