At Hot New Afro  we are always looking for artists to share their work with us.

Our Staff are always on the lookout for new sounds from unique Afro talents. Whatever it may be, send it over to us and you might just get lucky only if we share the same sentiments. Kindly read below to better help you submit to us, terms and conditions apply.

Give us something exciting to write about with regards to your music. Does it have a history? Is there a backstory/background or any inspiration behind the lyrics? Is there a meaning to the album/cover art? Did the producer pull a rabbit out of a hat? Dig into the art and story surrounding your music to help the reader live in your moment.  You can also submit music reviews that you have received from your project/single

Kindly send your music submissions with the subject line which indicates the publications you’re pitching for.


Please send streaming links ONLY (YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, and Audiomack). Include your name, song/project title, features if any, producer name. Include your social media handles and High-resolution pictures as well. Attach a press kit or EPK if you have any. The editor has the right not to publish your submission if you don’t satisfy the above-mentioned for the below pitch.

You can submit through our discord channel or info@hotnewafro.com


Every week (Monday – Sunday) we post new releases on our website and social media pages.

The editor together with the team will decide if your tune is worth sharing with our community.

Kindly send your new release with the subject line and also your [EPK] + [Press Release] + [Pictures] + [links of music your songs] + [Artwork]


We do our best to spotlight new and trending talents within our community on our platform so if you would like a solid post on our website and social media focusing on you kindly forward us the following

[Quality Photo + Artist Links + Biography- Future Prospects]

Read through our introduction tab to help you gain more insight and ideas to make readers appreciate you as an artist and join your fan base. Another good tip for your content can also be about your future plans and vision.


Our aim is to serve our listeners with the best of raw music with mainstream appeal or close. Kindly check out the list (names) of playlists and pitch for the playlists you think your addition will be the refresher we need.

Kindly provide us with your [link to your song] + [A brief write up about the song] + [Release date] + [the placement list] + [Cover art] to info@hotnewafro.com

You can also pitch your songs to upcoming DJ Mixes which may attract a fee depending on the DJs we link you with.


If you’d like to be considered for a feature on any of our visual content such as

  • Vibezone (Interview Series)
  • Spotlight (Performance Series)
  • Making the beat (Production Series)
  • HNA Cypher (Cypher Series)

Please email us your EPK to info@hotnewafro.com and video series you would like to participate in

We organize each round of bookings on a monthly basis, but please bear with us; all submissions will remain in consideration for future projects, and so there’s no need to submit multiple entries for the same artist or individual.


We are the first entertainment platform dedicated to helping artists and DJs promote and sell their merchandise (apparel, Vinyls, CDs etc).

If you want to promote or sell your merchandise through our eCommerce store kindly submit the following information to info@hotnewafro.com

[Merchandise Mock-up + Price List + Available Sizes + A brief about the item]


We help DJs submit their mixes on Apple Music

Kindly send  us the following details in our Discord Channel or to info@hotnewafro.com


Royalty payouts for mixes are on a quarterly basis. A dashboard link for your account will be sent to you soon after your mix has been accepted and uploaded to Apple Music.