SInger / Song Writer / Performance & Recording Artist

FADÍ, surnamed Fadimatou, is a Nigérienne 🇳🇪 artist, singer, and songwriter based in New York, born in Abuja, Nigeria. She stayed five years in Nigeria, eight years in Niger, and almost twelve years now in the US. Growing up, FADÍ had the luxury of discovering an exposure of distinct type of music ranging from Nigerian, Nigérien, Ivorian, Congolese, Chinese, Ethiopian, American, and more sounds.

Music and culture have always been captivating and blossomy to FADÍ, which is why she infuses her music through a mix of RnB with a gasp of Hip Hop, and a ring of Afrobeats. She also flashes her different linguistic sounds branching from English, French, Zarma, and a bit of Hausa.

After performing her lead track "Aban" from her latest project "Am Ready" at On The Radar with Gabe P, her name and sound has fumed through the corners of her home country, Niger, ranking her number 4 at Top 100 Niger on Apple Music.