5 Successful Ways to Promote Yourself as an Indie Artist

‘I’m Old School and I Make Lists’

Working as a musician in Berlin, I mostly perform in bars, cafes and theaters and I don’t normally play in large venues with the backing of industry promoters with vast promotional campaigns. I am quite old school when it comes to promoting my music. Simply, it is about putting in my best effort to tell as many people as possible that I am playing a show or releasing a new recording. I have hired promoters in the past only to realize that most of the work to be done, at my level of popularity, still came down to me spreading the word. Getting people to the show or to hear a new recording, mostly depends on the time, energy and resources I invest into it.

The more time you have before the event, the better it is to let people know right away to put the date on their calendar. The more energy and resources you have, the greater the possibility it will work, so get your friends and family to help. I find it imperative to make a variety of lists and keep them up to date. Lists of potential venues, radio stations, magazines, record stores, record labels, blogs, promoters etc. and most importantly the fan email list.

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