U.S.-based Nigerian artist Tomidrey returns from a two-year hiatus with his debut EP for 2024, “Ela.” Following the critical acclaim of his 2021 project, “Blue Roses,” “Ela” showcases the artist’s musical evolution.


Produced by MAAZI, “GNE Baby” opens with a contemplative mood, with Laime questioning his place in the world. As the song progresses, he asserts his determination to find his path, refusing to be swayed by negativity or deception. The track transitions into a celebration of his success and loyalty, showcasing his unique blend of vulnerability and braggadocio.

“This song is about staying true to yourself and your beliefs,” says Laime. “There will always be voices trying to lead you astray, but it’s important to trust your gut and follow your path.”

‘Find My Way’ is out on all streaming platforms.