Deve Wrld has released his latest single, “Odo (love),” an affectionate song that discusses love, commitment, and mutual support in a romantic relationship.

about the single

“Odo” is a beautiful ode to love and companionship, with the recurring phrase “Odo oo odo oo odo ooo” setting the tone for a song filled with warmth and affection.

In the lyrics, Deve assures their partner of support with lines like “And ago show anytime you need me just dey call on me oo yeah,” highlights the importance of being there for each other.

the artIST

The artist expresses a commitment to a long-term partnership, singing, “So make we combine and do this for life,” and playfully mentions starting a family together with “I tell your mummy we go born born like five.”

“Odo” is now available on all streaming outlets.