Tanzanian Gospel Minister and recording artist Joel Lwaga, signed under his label HCE (Heaven Culture Entertainment), uplifts listeners with his latest single, “Wapi.” “Wapi” is a powerful anthem of overcoming adversity through faith.

about the wapi single

“Wapi,” which translates to “where is this place,” is the song’s central theme. It chronicles a journey from hardship to triumph, resonating deeply with anyone who has faced similar challenges. Lwaga’s vocals powerfully convey struggle.

But doubt and adversity transform into unwavering faith and resilience. The song celebrates overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

the artIST

Joel Lwaga is a popular Tanzanian Gospel minister and recording artist under his label Heaven Culture on Earth (HCE). Born and raised in a Christian family in Dar es Salaam, Lwaga has been making waves in the music industry for five years. Though his exact date of birth is not publicly known, his impact on the gospel music scene is undeniable.

beyond wapi

Apart from singing, Joel Lwaga is a recognized preacher with a significant following, known for his ministry work across East Africa. His most recent ministry outside Tanzania was in Kenya in 2018.

 Lwaga’s popular quote for ministering is, “There have been many times when God has shown me His presence, and when I say you won’t remain as you are, I mean it because God has done it for me. He has placed a message of hope within me.”