Skales, a cornerstone of Afrobeats, is back with a track that will have you dancing all summer long. “Jogo,” produced by Killertunes, is a vibrant celebration of life and achieving success, served over a blend of pulsating rhythms and piano keys.


“Jogo” is an irresistible track by Skales, designed to bring joy and happiness to its listeners. The title, derived from the Nigerian word “Jogodo,” meaning a state of joyous frenzy, encapsulates the song’s essence. With its infectious rhythm and uplifting vibe, “Jogo” is pure summer fun, seamlessly blending Skales’ well-loved style and boundless energy.

Reflecting on the motivation behind the song, Skales explains that he wanted to create a piece of music that helps people find happiness. “Jogo” achieves just that, with its catchy beats and positive message inviting everyone to let loose and embrace the moment. This track marks Skales’ return to his signature sound, reminding fans why they fell in love with his music in the first place.

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Skales is no stranger to the spotlight. Throughout his two-decade career, he’s evolved from a rising star to a beloved icon. His 2020 album, Healing Process, marked a period of introspection, but “Jogo” sees him reclaiming his signature sound – a sound that makes you want to move.

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Skales’ dedication to his craft is unmatched, with countless hours spent perfecting his sound and continuously evolving as an artist. Whether he’s exploring introspective themes in albums like Healing Process or crafting infectious dance tracks like “Jogo,” Skales’ commitment to bringing joy and inspiration to his listeners remains unwavering. His relentless work ethic and genuine love for music have solidified his place as a beloved icon in the industry.

“Jogo” is irresistible. It’s pure summer fun with a positive message. It’s the perfect blend of Skales’ well-loved style and energy.