Tayo Creed is a Nigerian singer songwriter and guitarist. His distinct sound and style of music is a unique blend of Afrobeat, Rock, EDM & Pop. His unusual composition births new hybrid sounds called Afro-Synthwave & Alté Rock. Tayo Creed’s enigmatic nature makes it impossible to predict his next sonic direction.

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“Shadow Love” is a poignant and evocative pop-ballad about love that delves deep into the complexities of mixed signals in relationships. With soul-stirring lyrics and a captivating melodies, this song explores the dynamic between two lovers—one who gives undiluted love and another who filters her affection, creating a constant interplay of light and shadow in their relationship.

The protagonist, a lover man with a heart of transparency, finds himself

entangled in a web of mixed signals as his partner’s actions fluctuate between

giving and withholding love. Despite the confusion and pain caused by her

erratic behavior, he remains steadfast in his affection for her.

Using the metaphor of love as light, the song vividly portrays the man as a

transparent glass through which love flows freely, while his partner is

depicted as a partially translucent glass, obstructing the passage of love with

jealousy, insecurities, secrets, dishonesty, selfishness and gaslighting. These

shadows cast over their love, giving rise to the title, “Shadow Love.”

Ultimately, “Shadow Love” is a raw and emotional portrayal of love’s defects

and battles, reminding listeners of the importance of transparency and

honesty in relationships.

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Enititayo Folajimi Adeboboye, Known Professionally As Tayo Creed, Is A Nigerian Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist And Fashion Designer. His Distinct Sound And Style Of Music Is A Unique Blend Of Afrobeat, Rock, Edm & Pop. Tayo’s Unusual Composition Births New Hybrid Sounds Called Afrosynthwave & Alté Rock. His Fans, The Creed Clan, Call Him The African Rockstar, Leader Of The Creed Clan, Daddy Freeze, The Sonic Scientist And Many Other Names. They Say He Will Lead The New Generation Of Rockstars In Africa.


Under The Supervision Of International And Nigerian Professional A&Rs, Tayo Creed Has Developed His Skills As An Artist. He Has Written Over 200+ Songs, Recorded Over 80+ Songs. Currently Has His Song Bank Valued At 3 Projects Worth Of Music.

independently, under his diy indie label ‘rofaris records’ , tayo creed has gained over fifteen thousand fans and over one hundred thousand streams across all digital music platforms without any marketing budget or advance from record labels or distribution companies.