Experience the warmth and profound connection in Kemuel’s track, “Alone”

September 15, 2023

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After receiving enthusiastic endorsements from prominent Nigerian music figures DJ Spinall and Olamide, Kemuel is prepared to make a memorable impact with his first official release of 2023, titled “Alone.”

In “Alone,” Kemuel conveys a deeply heartfelt message of pure love, baring his innermost emotions. In his own words, Kemuel expresses, “I want you to feel the warmth, the connection, and the peace when you listen to my music.”

Discussing the creation of ‘Alone,’ Kemuel recounts, “It was a Thursday when ‘Alone’ took shape, I remember because it felt like the weekend, but it wasn’t. Having crafted the beat earlier that day, I kept listening to it until the lyrics came pouring out. I’ll be honest with you about the inspiration – before music started happening for me, there was a girl in my life, but relocating to Lagos to pursue music was detrimental to our relationship. I realise now that I was somewhat blind to the strain that caused. We had gone through countless fights because of the distance between us, so this song is basically all the things I would’ve said to her to provide some level of assurance, but I never did, and in the end, we broke up”.

Produced by Kemuel under his producer alias, Wondah, with the addition of guitar instrumentation by renowned Nigerian musician Fiokee, Kemuel establishes an emotional connection with his audience.
Hailing from the vibrant southern state of Rivers in Nigeria, Kemuel’s music stands as a testament to the region’s reputation for excellence.

His musical journey commenced at the age of 13 when he joined the church choir. This experience enabled him to refine his skills in playing the piano, bass guitar, and drums while contributing to the church’s musical ensemble. His unwavering commitment to the arts led him to pursue a degree in Fine Art and Design at the University of Port Harcourt.

Press the play button and immerse yourself in every note and emotion in “Alone.”

Listen to “Alone”

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