From Lagos to your auditory senses, Skipper and DJ Sean Mannie’s “Gawu” is primed to create an unforgettable groove

September 1, 2023

Listen to “Gawu”

From Lagos to your ears comes the dynamic collaboration of Skipper and DJ Sean Mannie, setting the stage for an unforgettable groove with their latest single, “Gawu.” Crafted under the skilled production of Spellz, this musical endeavor transcends being just a song; it’s an open invitation to celebrate life’s moments, whether you’re dancing away or simply reveling in the joy of music.

At its core, “Gawu” is a jubilant tribute to life’s pleasures, beckoning all to join in the festivities, whether they find themselves on the dance floor or lost in the euphoria of the music itself. What makes the song truly enchanting is the seamless fusion of Skipper’s artistic brilliance with Spellz’s production mastery.

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Skipper, also known as Akinola Oladapo, showcases his versatility by effortlessly blending influences from Afrobeat, R&B, Pop, and dancehall. His silky vocals effortlessly intertwine with Spellz’s innovative production techniques, resulting in a sonic experience that radiates confidence, positive vibes, and an irresistible dance energy.

DJ Sean Mannie’s expertise as a DJ and music curator finds a perfect synergy with Skipper’s multifaceted musical talents, forming a partnership that has the potential to deeply resonate with a diverse audience.

With its unabashedly celebratory message and the combined artistry of Skipper, DJ Sean Mannie, and Spellz, “Gawu” possesses all the elements to climb the charts and secure a place in playlists designed to uplift spirits and set dance floors ablaze.

Listen to “Gawu”

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