Illuminate the Essence of Love in “Touching On My Baby” by Muhaka and Emma Cheruto.

August 25, 2023


Muhaka and Emma Cheruto proudly unveil their captivating RnB collaboration, titled “Touching On My Baby.” This captivating composition seamlessly intertwines sensual melodies with a narrative that balances playful elements, inviting the audience into a realm resonating with themes of affection, possessiveness, and bold defiance.

Born from the inspiration of a memorable night spent dancing with a cherished partner, “Touching On My Baby” harmoniously weaves emotions of jealousy, ardor, and the assertion of their connection in the face of onlookers. Crafted under the production of Mbogua Mbugua Mbugua and fine-tuned at MG Studios, the track delivers an impeccable auditory journey that harmonizes exquisitely with its thematic content.

Muthaka, a rising star in the indie soul scene hailing from Nairobi, shines brilliantly with her distinctive vocal prowess taking center stage. Having graduated from Sauti Academy and renowned for her compelling live band performances, Muthaka seamlessly blends soul and indie influences. Drawing inspiration from notable figures like Mariah Carey and Rihanna, she introduces a refreshing layer of artistry to the RnB genre’s tapestry.

The melodic masterpiece, “Touching On My Baby,” is now available for streaming on all major platforms, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in its rich musical tapestry.


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