‘WHY’: A Melodic Fusion of Rap and R&B by Reminisce and Oxlade, Celebrating Love and Emotional Openness

August 18, 2023


Renowned Nigerian musical talents, Reminisce and Oxlade, have come together to reveal an enchanting love ballad titled “WHY.” This exceptional collaboration blends elements of Hip Hop and R&B, resulting in a unique musical fusion.

“WHY” transcends being just a song; it serves as a voyage through the intricacies of contemporary romance. The lyrics vividly depict the obstacles encountered in relationships and raise a poignant query: “Will you remain by my side during times of financial scarcity and adversity? Can you stand with me as I offer nothing but love?”

In this captivating composition, Reminisce, celebrated for his dynamic wordplay and storytelling prowess, collaborates with the charismatic R&B artist Oxlade. Together, they weave a heartfelt narrative that seeks assurance and affirmation from their partners.

The joint effort of Reminisce and Oxlade highlights their individual talents, providing a revitalizing perspective on love and human connections. Through “WHY,” listeners are invited to delve into the intricate emotions and complexities that define relationships.

The enchantment of “WHY” is now accessible on all major music platforms for listeners to experience and enjoy.


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