SGaWD Extends an Invitation: Dump All Your Worries on the Dance Floor!

August 18, 2023


Emerging as a significant presence in the Nigerian music scene, rap sensation SGaWD continues to generate excitement for her upcoming second project. Presently, she reveals her dynamic new single titled “Dump All Your Worries on the Dance Floor,” produced by none other than the Grammy-nominated maestro GMK.

Blending pulsating house beats with SGaWD’s distinctive lyricism, the track showcases her mastery not only as a rapper but also as a versatile artist dedicated to creating music that empowers and invigorates her listeners. Kicking off with the lines, “Brace yourselves, I am the hottest in the room,” SGaWD sets the stage for an explosive performance over the captivating production.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Big Freedia, Azealia Banks, and Nicki Minaj, she melds the realms of rap and house music, infusing the song with an electric vibe and unwavering self-confidence against a backdrop of video game-style synths and dynamic drum breaks.

SGaWD delivers a flurry of flows, asserting her individuality with the declaration, “real bad gyal, they can’t replicate me!” Importantly, she also pays tribute to her preferred Nigerian brands, showcasing that creativity extends beyond just music within the country’s borders.

In the ever-evolving landscape of African music, SGaWD stands as a prominent Emcee to keep an eye on, and she raises the bar with the burgeoning amapiano and deep house movements.

The central message of her latest single is simple yet impactful: let go on the dance floor, release your worries, and embrace the world as your personal stage, even if just for a night.

“Dump All Your Worries on the Dance Floor,” is currently accessible on all major streaming platforms.


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