Quamina Mp Introduces “Warm Up” EP: Sparking a Fresh Musical Voyage in 2023

August 18, 2023


Recognized for his versatile musical talents, Quamina Mp has unveiled his latest creation, the “Warm Up” EP.

As an eminent figure in the music industry, Quamina Mp’s journey has been characterized by awards, collaborations, and significant milestones. His roles as a multifaceted musician and an innovative producer have consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and originality.

The “Warm Up” EP serves as a tangible representation of Quamina Mp’s evolution. The EP comprises a selection of six vibrant tracks, each meticulously crafted by a team of producers including Flamesonthebeat, Bucks DJ, Anelworldwide, and Nawtyboi Tattóô, alongside Quamina Mp himself. Drawing inspiration from the lively amapiano genre, the EP seamlessly infuses Quamina Mp’s distinctive sound with a contemporary twist, promising to ignite dance floors.

Guiding the listener on a sonic voyage, the EP traverses diverse landscapes. From the infectious rhythms of tracks like “Choco” and “Enjoyment Minister,” which have firmly established themselves as among the hottest amapiano tracks in Ghana, to the introspection of “My Life” and the emotional resonance of “Pray for Me,” Quamina Mp’s musical narrative encapsulates a spectrum of emotions and experiences, catering to every listener.

Quamina Mp expresses his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “I took a hiatus from the party music to unveil a different facet of my craft through these love songs. Now, we’re back to set the stage ablaze with dance tunes that resonate with my signature style. This EP has been a labour of love, and I’m eager to share it with all my fans.”

The “Warm Up” EP is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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