“Evoking Memories: ‘Trinket’ by Mich Straaw Transforms from Plastic Horsemen to Melodies”

August 18, 2023


Mich Straaw, a skilled musical narrator, has revealed a touching composition titled “Trinket,” a sincere tribute to the innocence of childhood that transports the audience into a realm of recollections and sentiments. This piece paints a vibrant panorama of a young boy’s expedition through life’s complexities and transformations.

Within this track that evokes nostalgia, Mich Straaw captures the very essence of youthful spirit and the profound influence of one’s environment. Through the verses of “Trinket,” Mich delves into the emotions of a young boy navigating his formative years, influenced by the world around him and finding elegance in the wisdom gained through maturation. The second verse, illuminated by self-discovery, sheds light on the transition from youthful enthusiasm to a deeper grasp of life’s intricacies.

When discussing the spark behind “Trinket,” Mich Straaw shares, “I drew inspiration from watching old westerns like ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,’ where bravery and authenticity were celebrated. I remembered those days of playing with plastic horsemen toys, crafting my own movies. And the melodies of Dolly Parton, played by my mother, continue to resonate with me.”

“Trinket” is now accessible on all major streaming platforms.


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