The much-anticipated “Xpressions” debut EP from Geoxpress, a rising talent in the Afro-fusion subgenre of Afrobeats, is proudly presented. Geoxpress continues to reevaluate his artistic identity and sonic environment, building on the success of his earlier “Xpress Riddim” mixtape.

“Xpressions” is more than just an EP; it’s a window into the cultural and personal experiences of Geoxpress. With his “Apollo” songs and impressive collaborations, Geoxpress has gained a large fanbase over the last two years.

Reflecting on the EP’s creation, Geoxpress shares, “The essence of ‘Xpressions’ lies in sharing genuine stories from my reality. This project is my invitation to listeners to embrace their true selves and share their unique narratives. The recording process was a fusion of raw emotion and meticulous intention.”

The overarching concept of genuine self-expression permeates “Xpressions” in a profound way. This message is amplified by Geoxpress’ collaboration with the creative firm Troubled Youth Worldwide (Troy), which effortlessly incorporates a variety of art genres into the EP’s marketing, including fashion, skateboarding, modeling, photography, and cinematography.

With the help of his collaborator TNT Baby’s production and engineering skills, Geoxpress’s debut EP adds new sound depth. Notably, the EP boosts its global appeal with a fascinating remix of “365 (Grime Riddim)” by Ghanaian-UK musician Eugy.

“Xpressions” exemplifies Geoxpress’s growth as an artist by exhibiting his rediscovered self-assurance and a more developed Afro-fusion sound. The EP provides listeners with an engaging experience while appreciating uniqueness and a variety of expressions.

Explore “Xpressions” now on all streaming platforms.


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