August 4, 2023

Listen to Goodbye

“Goodbye” by Corbon Amodio will take you on an emotional journey. This hypnotic tune digs into the depths of the psychological struggle encountered by people facing depression, combining haunting vocals, gliding guitar riffs, and subtle drumming. It throws light on the fine line between putting on a happy face for the world and succumbing to the crushing weight of sadness within.

“Goodbye” delves into the subtleties of lying, unsaid anguish, and the role that trauma plays in communication and comfort seeking. The song illustrates the silent fights that many people suffer with raw honesty, bringing relief to those who have faced similar challenges.

The calm and subtle rhythms give a firm basis for the emotional trip, while the gliding guitar riff produces an ethereal impression of floating in the great expanse of an unending ocean.

Corbon Amodio’s gothic and emotive voice leads the audience away from society and into the unknown in quest of catharsis.

“I wanted to create a piece that truly resonates with those who are going through the internal turmoil of depression,” Corbon Amodio said of the song’s motivation. ’Goodbye’ reflects the struggles of carrying the weight of despair while presenting a smiling facade to the world. It is my way of acknowledging the pain and offering solace to others who might be facing similar challenges.”

Listen to Goodbye

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