“Super Wuno aka Freeway’s Trapfro Odyssey: Unleashing Cosmic Love and Melodic Magic!”

July 21, 2023

While the sizzling beats of the Dirty Laptop 💻 Album (DLP) are still simmering, Super Wuno took us on an electrifying journey with the Fire Marshall Astronaut (FMA) Mixtape. This musical maverick displayed his unmatched skills, a blend of eclectic melodies, out-of-this-world rhymes, and audacious wordplay, all while unveiling his burning desire to create a whole new genre called “Trapfro” – an exciting fusion of trap and afro sounds.

In this cosmic escapade, Super Wuno leaves us in awe as he shares his industreet timeline in “Money Long,” and then takes us on a love-fueled ride in “Escalade” where emotions rule and passion knows no bounds. The rhythmic masterpiece “Floating” transports us to a different realm, where he and the astronauts weave their love story amidst shooting stars and celestial wonders.

Super Wuno, also known as Freeway, is not just an artist but an entrepreneur and a visionary. As a co-founder of BO Entertainment and Paranoia Inc., he not only creates music but also emphasizes the qualities of a “certified lover boy,” promoting resilience and the legitimacy of true emotions through his songs. The Fire Marshall Astronaut tape serves as a tantalizing prelude to the moon baby effect awaiting us in the forthcoming Dirty Laptop album.

Hailing from the vibrant state of Anambra, Nigeria’s very own “salt of the nation,” Super Wuno’s journey to musical stardom is a testament to his versatility. Starting as a pharmacist, he now finds himself in the studio, crafting tunes that heal his fans’ souls and leave them feeling euphoric.

So, get ready to embark on an interstellar ride with Super Wuno as he ignites the universe with his Trapfro magic, all while leaving a trail of love and passion in his wake. The countdown to the Dirty Laptop album has begun, and with Super Wuno at the helm, we can expect nothing short of extraordinary. Stay tuned for a cosmic experience like never before!