The latest intriguing song from Runda, a rising talent in the Nigerian music industry, is called “Beautiful Lies.” The song leaves listeners wanting more because of its captivating melody and endearing appeal. The song focuses on the kind of fruit that is unavoidably alluring despite having negative possible outcomes.

Runda’s “Beautiful Lies” takes listeners on a trip that shows the divergent viewpoints between men and women in partnership with ONErpm, a prominent distribution and Label services firm. The song emphasizes how women are primarily persuaded by the strength of words and emotions, but men are frequently swayed by visual appeals.

Smooth and sensual, “Beautiful Lies” is a song that is likely to win over a crush. Runda’s voice is mellow and soulful, and the song’s production is lush and atmospheric. It describes a situation in which tact and diplomacy are necessary to keep a woman’s affections, even though there are other women fighting for his attention, in the company of other women.

“I wanted to write a song that was both sexy and seductive but also had a bit of a dark side,” said Runda.

With its purposefully smooth R&B sound, the song entices listeners and conjures up a romantic ambiance meant to seduce and capture a potential love partner.


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