With his most recent release, “Sai Sai,” Kelechi Africana takes listeners on an exhilarating musical voyage. Kechi expertly blends African rhythms, contagious hip-hop beats, and colorful funk components in this compelling tune to create a strong, original, and utterly enthralling record.

The Swahili word “Sai Sai,” which translates to “Right Now,” serves as the song’s subtitle and establishes the immediacy and timeliness of the song’s message. This song’s lyrics and melody allude to the events taking place all around him.

Kechi Africana brings a distinctive viewpoint to his music by drawing on his history as a 2014 IT graduate of Maseki College with a Diploma in Information Technology. He has developed his skills and established himself in the industry as a highly renowned musical producer and six-time award-winning performer.

With “Sai Sai,” Kechi Africana pushes boundaries and defies genre conventions, showcasing his skill and musical range.


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