Lucid, a creative songwriter and vocalist from Abuja, Nigeria, is pleased to announce the much awaited release of their latest EP, “HI I’M LULU”. This record exhibits Lucid’s distinct style and intensity, engaging listeners with a compelling blend of biographical storytelling and sensual melodies.

“HI I’M LULU” is a daring introduction to Lucid’s universe, with each song allowing a window into his personal experiences and emotions. The EP begins with the catchy title tune, “Bebe,” which sets the tone with its addictive danceability and joyful chorus. Lucid recalls the moment of inspiration when the words and melody flow naturally, resulting in a single that begs everyone to go on the dance floor.

“Heart and Soul,” a danceable yet intricate piece, captures Lucid’s personal journey and experiences. The lyrics speak of the mental fortitude required to overcome obstacles and the unshakable drive required to bring aspirations to fruition. Lucid’s dedication to their craft comes through in every note, making this song a powerful hymn for individuals overcoming barriers and following their dreams.

“Night Bus” defies expectations by transforming the concept of a night bus into a compelling metaphor, flawlessly mixing aspects of sexual drive and groove. Lucid’s artwork communicates a message in both obvious and subtle ways, providing listeners with a renewed understanding of the power of artistic expression.

“Flat Tire” digs into the complexities of a toxic relationship, bringing light on the ramifications of destructive behaviour. Lucid accepts responsibility for the relationship’s misconceptions and problems, attributing them to their own bad drinking habits. This cautionary tale serves as a warning to drink sensibly and avoid unhealthy behaviours in relationships.

“Therapy,” the EP’s standout piece, is an emotionally driven track. This song, which serves as an outlet for Lucid, allows for the expression of thoughts and sentiments that may be difficult to express in person. Lucid, who is known for their reserved and quiet manner, takes advantage of this occasion to discuss extremely intimate stories, allowing a unique look into their inner world.

“HI I’M LULU” defies expectations and allows listeners to connect on a deep level. The ability of Lucid to merge storytelling, real emotion, and enticing melodies results in an immersive and lasting musical experience. The EP is now available for streaming on all major platforms.


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