Emerging Artist Taade Introduces Captivating Rnb/Pop Fusion – “Dance To Love”

May 26, 2023

Emerging artist Taade is set to captivate audiences with her latest release, “Dance to Love.”


“Dance To Love” is a RnB/Pop hybrid that highlights Taade’s remarkable talent and versatility. The song, which was inspired by real events, dives into the themes of deceit, anguish, and disillusionment that follow heartbreak. It does so, however, with a strong tone of freedom and strength, promising listeners a transforming journey. Taade’s beautiful vocals seamlessly transmit the emotions behind the lyrics, providing her listener with an immersive and sympathetic experience. With “Dance To Love,” Taade hopes to empower her listeners, allowing them to break out from the passive role of a heartbreak victim and instead find peace, understanding, and retribution.

Taade’s strong vocal delivery is complemented by a melodious backdrop created by a seamless blend of RnB and pop components in the track’s composition. Her ability to connect with people through emotional words and soulful songs distinguishes her in the industry.

Taade’s background:

Taade is an Ibadan-based live performer noted for her soulful voice and compelling performances. She creates music that connects with listeners on a deep emotional level by fusing R&B and pop influences. Taade’s honest lyrics and powerful melodies make her someone to keep an eye on.


Taade Online: