El Prince Teases Fans with “Never Leave” – An Exciting First Look at His “LA Bachelor” EP

May 19, 2023

El Prince Teases Fans with “Never Leave” – An Exciting First Look at His “LA Bachelor” EP


Lagos (Nigeria) – El Prince, a rising sensation recognized for his trademark blend of Afrobeats, R&B, and pop music, has recently released his enthralling new track “Never Leave.” This thrilling single serves as a preview of his highly anticipated EP, “LA Bachelor,” which is set to be released next month.

El Prince, born Prince Adieze and raised in Lagos’s boisterous Ajegunle district, infuses his music with the colourful spirit of his childhood. His sound, which he correctly describes as “Patan na patan,” is an eclectic blend of musical elements that strike a chord with audiences.

“Never Leave,” a throbbing amapiano track, highlights the joy and fulfilment that come from fully committing to a cherished spouse. El Prince’s mesmerizing sound is captured in this song, which was produced by the extremely skilled Stimela Beatz and masterfully mixed and processed by Michael Synx. It comes on the heels of the successful releases of “For Love” (produced by Tuzi Beatz) and “Funke” (produced by Princeton Beatz), both of which appear on the highly anticipated EP.

El Prince offers an intimate glimpse into the creation of “Never Leave,” revealing, “It was another one of those situations where the song came together very quickly in the moment. I had some guys over at my studio, and we were just freestyling to random beats. When this one came on, the progression really caught my attention. It’s an Amapiano beat with a captivating melody, and I immediately knew I wanted to jump on it. As I was setting up my system, the guys I had over stepped out to make a call. When they returned, I was already grabbing the headphones. I asked them not to make any noise as I was about to record. I finished recording the song that night. A few days later, I revisited the song and felt it needed more depth. My music career started in an acapella group, so I drew inspiration from that experience, incorporating harmonies and call-and-response elements into the track. I’ve always enjoyed blending different musical influences, and combining the modern Amapiano sound with classic Acapella vibes felt like a unique combination that truly captured the energy I was feeling.”

El Prince’s lyrics in “Never Leave” capture the heart of a passionate lover, promising steadfast dedication no matter what. “Come rain, come sun, make rain they fall, I would find my way to you,” he says in the first stanza, expressing his willingness to overcome hurdles and maintain a strong connection. The chorus, “I would never leave if you say you would stay and roll with me,” emphasizes the importance of mutual dedication and support in a relationship.

“Never Leave” exemplifies El Prince’s artistry and ability to compose music that has a strong emotional impact on listeners. Fans can look forward to an exceptional musical journey from this talented musician with the upcoming “LA Bachelor” EP.


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