Eric Hazael, a fast-rising artist, has now officially released his highly anticipated seven-song extended play (EP) titled “KNGDM & PWR.” The project focuses on several topics such as love, power, and hope, with life taking center stage. The EP is a physical manifestation of Eric Hazael’s artistic instincts, and it combines his distinct sound with compelling words to transport listeners to a sonic dimension.

“KNGDM & PWR” is an avant-garde project that fuses several genres, instrumentals, tempos, and sounds into a cohesive whole that appeals to a wide spectrum of consumers. Each track’s uniqueness is immediately felt, yet it mixes seamlessly together to provide an anodyne listening pleasure.

The opening track, “Sinking Deeper” by Tiffany Zoe, literally lowers the listener further into the 25-minute, 33-second project. “Yahweh” and “Testify,” both of which have a core topic that is obvious in the title, come next, before “Melody” unites the artist and listeners on a deeper level. You can’t “Pretend” on track five that the soulfulness of “Moonlight” laden with powerful emotions doesn’t reflect Eric Hazael’s vocal range. What better way to wrap up the EP than with a reminder that “All Power Belongs to You.”

Lee The Plugg mixed and mastered “Moonlight,” while Bobby E.M.A did the same for the remaining tunes. Prodbyiof is also given credit for production.

“KNGDM & PWR” is now available for streaming on all major platforms.


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