In an effort to revitalize the African Electronic Dance Music (EDM) industry, emerging musician B3AM (pronounced “BEAM”) has collaborated with Nigerian EDM pioneer, DJ, and singer/songwriter Sigag Lauren to create a new single named “Into the Night (Jaiye).”

With the increasing popularity of Afrobeats in the region, EDM has slowly gained traction throughout Africa. B3AM and Sigag Lauren, on the other hand, seek to bring consumers to a sound that has been disregarded for far too long with their distinct and stunning dance genre.

“Into the Night (Jaiye)” is a lively and vibrant tune, with vocals that are a tasteful blend of English and Yoruba. The song depicts the human yearning to let go of all cares and appreciate the present moment. The single displays B3AM’s love and passion for EDM, while Sigag Lauren contributes his diversity in subgenres such as Dubstep, Progressive House, Deep House, Electro-pop, and Future Bass with afrobeats elements to make the music a hit.

With a background in law, technology, and finance, B3AM distinguishes himself by integrating “afrobeats” for a more culturally varied sound. As B3AM’s debut track “Into the Night (Jaiye)” indicates, “my music is designed to inspire and uplift people, and I always strive to deliver performances that will consistently create unforgettable experiences.” I want to think of it as a complete, from delivering visually great settings to matching it to my music”.


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