Ajebo Hustlers’ “You Go Know” Offers a Ray of Hope for Those Feeling Unappreciated

March 23, 2023

Ajebo Hustlers’ “You Go Know” Offers a Ray of Hope for Those Feeling Unappreciated

Ajebo Hustlers, a Nigerian musical duo, have released a new banger named “You Go Know.” The single was produced by popular Nigerian music producer, Marlie Chunes.

Ajebo Hustlers delivered their A-game with “You Go Know”, showcasing their vibrant energy and catchy melodies. The song is an upbeat track with a mix of Afrobeats and pop that is guaranteed to get heads moving and feet tapping.

The lyrics emphasize the struggle of the Duo, who work hard to earn a living, as well as the dedication needed to succeed in life.

The catchy chorus

“I believe in myself, all your
doubt Opari Opari o”

accentuates the duo’s message, which is that success will always come to those who labor hard and believe in themselves.

George Dandeson and Precious Isiah of Ajebo Hustlers have taken the Nigerian music business by storm with their distinct sound and captivating performances. With several previous hits under their belt, “You Go Know” is yet another testament to their ability and consistency.

This is a song that will undoubtedly make an impact in the Nigerian music landscape and beyond. “You Go Know” is available for streaming and download on all digital platforms.

The Duo says of the song, “We wrote “You Go Know” to encourage our listeners to chase their dreams and embrace their true selves.” The music conveys a powerful message of self-belief and determination on a catchy lyric and an infectious beat, inspiring our listeners to press past their limitations and aim for the stars.”

“You go know” is the ideal anthem to help you seize the day and make your mark on the world, whether you’re dancing in your bedroom or traveling with the windows down.


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