The 3 minute monster anthem is an instant club banger packed with dynamic jiggy flows which by no means lack in lyrical content or essence as the two southern heavy weights tell a story of their woes while reflecting on the way of life popular with the place they come from. They take turn in delivering over a tad dramatic sort of movie themed instrumental with a heavy baseline that enthuses danceabilty which inspires the second part of the hook from Inart, singing, “so me tell her say, whyne to the rhythm and baseline, whyne to the rhythm and baseline, say I come alive in the night time”. Problems is definitely another masterpiece added to the fast rising Afro Swing scene in the 234 since Ruger’s massive success with Bounce.

Produced by Daniel Bliss who again works magic with this two, coming off of producing both their (lil5ive and Inart) debut EPs, as well as creating one of the biggest Hip-Hop songs out of Nigeria this year, My Crew by kiwi and Lil5ive .

Problems is out now on all platforms