ISAH The Prince releases his highly anticipated sophomore album NEW BLACK ELITE.
NEW BLACK ELITE is more than just a regular album, it is deemed a mindset and a required
evolution and elevation of the African/Black consciousness expressed through art.
The album explores themes around colonialism, slavery, patriarchy, feminism, generational
wealth and power from an African perspective while identifying the patterns that link them all.
Musically the album explores a wide range of different sounds with ISAH showing his versatility
and expansion of his sonic palette.
According to the ISAH –
“I AM on a mission to elevate our black consciousness.
I AM here so that my people may have life and they may have it more abundantly.
BLACK IS GOLD they can never tell us otherwise. The goal is to reclaim our identity and spark
a true African Renaissance.
Let’s F**k Up The World, it’s our time now.

Your’s Truly,